Merchant Processing

The Commercial Bank partners with APS for its merchant credit card processing.

APS offers products and services that will meet your processing needs.

  • Retail Retail purchases at the point of sale, guarantees a quick approval and low rates.
  • Restaurant Their restaurant program will allow you to maintain that high level of service, even when the bill is delivered.
  • Telephone Order Offers another convenient method of payment, while receiving instant approval prior to product shipping.
  • Internet A secure method of ordering your products and services online. Our Internet module is a seamless attachment for your website.
  • Home Based Provides the flexibility to accept credit card payments via the internet, wireless terminal or payment verification by telephone.
  • Mobile Merchant Provides high quality wireless mobile POS solutions to help you reduce loss exposure, reduce processing costs and increase your revenues.

APS provides superior service and a broad array of products to meet your business needs!

For more information, please contact Jona Seaton at 888-311-7248, ext. 107 or by email at